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    Autism Awareness Month: Keep Your Labels Off My Child

    If you have experience educating a special needs child, you know, or at least suspect, that children labeled as “learning disabled” possess certain strengths that far exceed those of an average or even advanced student. However, you have probably also noticed that rather than promoting those strengths and using them to help these students succeed, many schools focus on having them meet the same standards as every other child. As a result, both children and parents are in danger of giving themselves the label of “inadequate,” “stupid”, or even “failure.”

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  • Homeschooling Works!
  • Homeschool Curriculum-Remedial and/or Review Homeschool English Course
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  • Writing Contests for Homeschoolers
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  • Autism Awareness Month: Keep Your Labels Off My Child
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    Autism Awareness Month: Keep Your Labels Off My Child

    If you have experience educating a special needs child, you know, or at least suspect, that children labeled as “learning disabled” possess certain strengths that far exceed those of an average or even advanced student. However, you have probably also ...

    5 Things You Must Know To Prepare Your Child For College

    College can be a scary thought for parents and students alike. The classes, the pressure to succeed, the cost, the students, and the distance from home can all feel quite daunting. That’s why parents need to get an early start ...

    Jumping Outside of the Box: ADHD and Kinesthetic Learning

    Before my son Devon was diagnosed with ADHD, we nicknamed him Beasty Boy. The joke was if he wasn’t crashing, dashing, and bashing, he wasn’t happy. He needed to move, jump, kick, and run constantly, and from a very early ...

    Student Profile: How Homeschooling Helped This Student See The World

    Being in the homeschooling world, I get questions all the time asking about the pros and cons of teaching your children at home. There are some pretty common myths out there, including the idea that by taking your child out ...

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    Homeschool Curriculum Review-Write Source

    If you are looking for a colorful, engaging and step by step homeschool writing course, then be sure to check out Write Source.   These easy to use textbooks break down writing instruction into manageable chunks and teach in a fun and creative way that grabs kids attention and keeps them engaged.

    5 Reasons Why Homeschooling is Smart for Your Children

    Education tends to make parents nervous…and with good reason: your child’s social, emotional and economic future is at stake. Private and parochial schools may not be an option for your family due to financial reasons or other constraints, and with severe budget cuts starting to curtail learning and activities at our nation’s public schools, parents are anxiously looking for options.

    Have you considered homeschooling?

    Parents Who Can’t… (Remember) Teach!

    Parents learn to teach again quickly.

    Inevitably it will happen: you WILL doubt your skills as a teacher. After all, most public school teachers have a thorough knowledge of their subject area – backed up by a degree and classroom experience. And you? You’re merely a parent whose last memory of algebraic equations may have swished out the door with that old pair of bright red parachute pants.

    Do You Incorporate Learning Styles into Your Homeschool Teaching Methods?

    How to Utilize Learning Style Assessments to Increase Every Child’s Potential

    The phrase “learning style” has been a hot-button topic in recent years, and has many parents scratching their heads as to its usefulness, validity, and benefit to their family’s homeschool classroom. Questions abound: Do my children have distinct learning styles – and do they vary widely? Am I teaching the right way? If I realize my child favors one style over another, should that be the ONLY way that I disseminate information?