Make Spelling Fun!

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Sometimes the task of spelling lists, writing spelling words, learning definitions, and preparing for spelling tests can become mundane. Students who are excellent spellers often rush through the activities while those who struggle see it as another unwanted chore.

Sometimes it just takes another approach—something unique once in a while to keep, rekindle or ignite the enthusiasm and give kids a break from the “spelling list.”Every other week, we try to incorporate one of the games below to make spelling a little more exciting and to reward the kids for their success. Try one—most do not require any preparation but can be a good escape from the desk and a reason to move around a little.

  • Spelling Bingo Early preparation: review your child’s spelling words and make a list of the first letters in the words (make a separate list for each child if they do not have the same spelling words). Give each child a sheet of paper with nine to twelve blank squares set up like a bingo card. Have the students write one letter in each square using the list of letters you made earlier.Read the spelling words in random order. If you are using different spelling words for each child, read first from one list, then the other. Each child will work only with the words on his own list. When the child hears a spelling word beginning with one of the letters written in the squares on the Bingo card, the child may write that word in the corresponding square. When a row is complete, the child may yell “Bingo”. If all words are correct, he is the winner; if not all words are spelled correctly, he must erase all misspelled words and wait to hear another word beginning with the letter in that square. To make the game last longer, require that the entire card be filled before Bingo can be called.
  • Four Square Draw or create a large square with four squares within it. Each child will find a small square for her starting point. Call out the spelling words—when she spells it correctly, she may advance to the next square. If she spells it wrong, she must go back one. The winner is the first to return to her starting position. (We usually require that they make it around three times in order to review as many words as possible).
  • Catch Players throw the ball back and forth. The one with the ball must spell a word correctly. If successful, he will throw the ball to one of the others. If not successful, he must continue to spell words until he spells one correctly.
  • Scrabble Played like traditional scrabble but players must try to spell words from their spelling list. This can be tough and we usually allow the children to keep twelve letters in front of them at a time.
  • Flour Allow the child to write the words in flour. This is fun for younger children but can be a bit of a mess. Somehow it is not a chore to write the words when they can do it in flour (or outside in sand).
  • Chalk Write the list in sidewalk chalk down the driveway
  • Basketball Mark out four shooting positions on the driveway. Every time you spell a word correctly, you may take a shot. Winner is the first one to make the basket in all four positions. A terrific site that provides interactive spelling practice. Just enter your list of spelling words, select Test Me, Teach Me or Play a Game and begin. No, we can’t always take the time to make spelling fun, but by selecting interactive games that the kids can play together, we can get them moving and interacting and even teaching one another!

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