Teen Holiday Survival Guide (Tips & Tricks to Ease the Madness)

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Although most of us would love to hold onto the ideal that the holidays are always full of cheer, the truth is this: Things can get a little crazy in the countdown. Mom is over-stressed, Dad has disappeared, your younger sister is bouncing off the walls, and Aunt Tess is saying that she wants a cup-of-tea…again. No one really gets how rough teenagers have it over the holidays. (Most likely because adults have blocked it out from conscious memory). So we’ve put together a little manual to help ease you through the holidays – with cheer – and right into a promising new year ahead.

Seven Teen Approved Tips for a Sane Holiday Season

1. Maintain a Sense of Humor

When things get all crazy, crack a joke. Remember that all the madness could be funny down the road – and at the very least, an amusing tale to share with your friends when you meet up again.

2. Grab your Cam

Make a video when you have the opportunity. Not only will you be busy playing director for your gatherings, but after dinner everyone can view your own master creation – instead of A Christmas Carol for the zillionth time.

3. Volunteer as DJ

If you’re in charge of the tunes, it will give you something to focus on that is actually enjoyable for you. Find some holiday mixes that will please both the parental units AND compliment your own taste. Keep it lively, keep it cheerful, and watch as moods lift all around you.

4. Have an Escape Plan

If it all gets to be too much, have a pre-planned escape route that works for you AND your family. Even if it means doing dishes or tackling some extra coursework, that little escape can bring you the quiet you need to regroup.

5. Entertain the Troops

Make an attempt to keep the younger crew members entertained and happy. It will earn you big points (and possibly some alone time later on). Focus on keeping the noise level down to an acceptable decibel, and subdue any crying or fighting that could send stress levels off the charts for other family members.

6. Direct the Conversation

Are certain members of your extended family fond of asking you uncomfortable questions? “Why would you major in that? You don’t have a job yet?” No worries. Be prepared with your own inquiries that will send the conversation in the opposite direction. Ask them questions such as “What did you major in? Were you happy with your decision?” and it will keep them pleasantly chatting about themselves without dispensing unwanted advice.

7. Make DIY Xmas Gifts for Everyone

Doing crafty, fun things will buy you time on your own and potentially earn you plenty of Christmas-Angel points while doing so. Most parents will be overjoyed to hear that you are invested in creating holiday cheer, and will support your DIY gift efforts whole-heartedly.

Remember that in order to create the perfect Christmas atmosphere, everyone in your family needs to participate. These are some of the memories you will look back on as an adult, so try to make the most of them and have a joyous holiday – your style.


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